Spidler Virtual Tour

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Diesel Generator

Diesel generator for generating electrical power ensuring at least a 24 hour run-time.

Electrical Cabinet

Housing for electrical components and autonomous controllers.

Light-Gauge Running Rail

Mounted to the existing conveyor stringer frame, the rail allows the Spidler® easy access to all conveyor idler rollers, irrespective of terrain or conveyor angle.

Hydraulic Power Pack

Source of hydraulic power necessary to actuate and control relevant hydraulic components.

Detachable Trailer

The power components are mounted on a trailer separate from the main robot as a modular design.

Rotary Table-Mounted Robot

The main robotic arm of the Spidler® is mounted to allow a wide range of motion to enable access to all carrier idler rollers of the conveyor.

Idler Roller Gripper Assembly with Embedded Scanner

The robotic arm is fitted with a custom-designed idler roller gripper for engaging and handling the idler rollers, as well as a scanner for positional determination.

Split Centre Idler

Part of the interlocking lift-arm assembly for engaging and supporting the conveyor belt while it is being lifted.

Interlocking Lift-Arm

The Spidler® features two pairs of lift-arms for engaging the conveyor belt from opposing sides.

Traction Assembly

A patent-pending design to ensure the Spidler® is able to easily and efficiently navigate inclines or declines on conveyor systems.

Central Mounted Lift Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders for lifting the conveyor belt once engaged by the pairs of interlocking lift-arms.

Sun Cover